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Originally Posted by Natahka View Post
hey i'm planning on going as Kaname Chidori from full metal panic! i got a whole group going too. cant wait. ^_^
Yay! That series hardly gets any love anymore.

Originally Posted by Lady Saya View Post
@ Anti Ai-chan: Yup, we were last year. But knowing how indecisive I am (as well as my severe case of cosplay ADD), I couldn't decide if I should paint my wig or not cause its just too nice. Dx
Hahaha! I have the same problem! I meant to do Kid last year and then I pushed it back to AX this year and then...who knows when. lol The wig is still one of the main reasons I don't want to do him. EFFING WIG!

Originally Posted by missrelena View Post
Since I'm judging, too -- it will definately be scheduled around that! We're thinking it will be around noon on day one. I just asked Natchan about the schedule, and she's going to double check, but she thinks noon will work just fine. (That's assuming you don't mind judging in Allenby. )
Bah! I would actually not want to judge in that. lol I was hoping to judge as Ciel because how intimidating would that be! lol But we'll see how that outfit turns out.
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