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Originally Posted by Kanira View Post
Has the lack of updating that galleries do when they're rearranged been touched upon yet?
I uploaded a new picture to my default gallery by mistake, but when I moved it into its proper gallery, the preview never updated; it still shows what was formerly the first picture and is now the second picture.
The picture itself can be seen in the gallery, so it's not too large of a problem, but rather...inconvenient.
Strangely, I updated a new picture to a different gallery and the preview changed accordingly. So that works, but would hate to reload this same picture yet again.
Whew! It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one. I've had this exact problem for years now. The gallery thumbnails never update to reflect the "first" photo unless you upload a completely new one to the specific gallery.

I'll tend to be finicky; uploading say six photos to a gallery but then a month later decide I only want four. That, or when I'll clean up photos (by deleting one or two) in my galleries that are really old.

When this happens, it's as though the gallery thumbnail can't refresh itself, which I don't understand since it does refresh if you upload something completely new. Just as Kanira stated, it's not a huge error because the correct photos still show up in the actual gallery, but it's strange to see 50% of my gallery featuring thumbnails of photos that I don't even have on anymore.

Is there anything that can be done to refresh or reset this gallery issue? Especially when
a) moving the new first photo to the default gallery, then moving it back to its assigned one and
b) reuploading the same image of the same first photo doesn't solve the problem?
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