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List of Conventions/Events in the UK

Rawr hopefully this will help you guys pick a convention near you that you may not have known about. Will update on what it's like etc at a later date - for now this is basically a chance for me to procrastinate 8D. Now hopefully it will prevent threads such as "IS THERE A CON NEAR ME BLAH BLAH BLAH!?"
Oh yes and of course there are also the Memoribilia and Collectormania events, they happen so regularly and are everywhere that I can't be bothered to keep track of when they appear - I'll look into it when I'm freer to update this list~

None that I know off...

London Anime Con @ London
Grand Cosplay Ball Valentine's Prom
Midlands MCM Expo @ Telford
Japanese Art Festival @ Richmond
D-Con @ Dundee

Minamicon @ Southampton

Kitacon @ Northampton

Bristol Comic Expo @ Bristol
London MCM Expo @ London

Nemacon @ Middlesborough
Q-Con @ Belfast
Nanicon @ Bristol

London Film and Comic Con @ London
Japanese Art Festival @ Richmond
Tokonatsu @ Woburn

Ayacon Revolution @ Coventry
Amecon @ Keele
NomCon @ Dublin

Alcon @ Leicester

Hyper Japan @ London
London MCM Expo @ London
J-Culture Con @ Derby
Video Games Live @ London

Fushicon @ Northampton
Auchinawa @ Glasgow
Eritakon @ Dublin
Thought Bubble @ Leeds
Grand International Cosplay Ball @ London

None that I can think off...
Next cosplays:
London Expo: Noel Vermillion [Blazblue]; Rise Kujikawa [Persona 4]
Hyper Japan: Sheryl Nome [Macross Frontier]

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