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I just thought I'd add a bit of helpful info.

Contacts companies(even the large brand ones) can make mistakes and send out defective contacts by accident. When you get your contacts and they start to irritate your eye(s), its important to take them out and have your eyes and the contacts examined by an optometrist ASAP! It can be as serious as possibly losing your vision or your eye.

My father's first experience with contacts unfortunately was with a defective contact when he was at the optometrist. Luckily he was there and was able to get the medical attention quickly.

I've been wearing contacts for 7 years now and I recently experienced a defective contact. It scratched my cornea and I had to wear an eye patch and take eye drops every 2 hours (including night too) for several days straight. I was told that I was lucky that I came when I had because a scratch like that would have become infected very quickly. Which could have resulted in vision loss or possibly my eye. I couldn't wear contacts for several weeks.

I can't stress enough how important it is to be careful with your contacts and take care of them. If you order online, try to give yourself a month of extra time in case something goes wrong and always have them looked over by an optometrist for your safety.
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