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Originally Posted by Geek Fairy View Post
This probably sounds like a REALLY dumb question... but can I wear two right eye contacts? o__o The website I want to buy from has boxes of right eye contacts and boxes of left eye contacts - and I really don't want to buy both if I don't have to. XD

Also, when would be a good time to buy the contacts? I won't be wearing them until July, so should I buy soon or wait?
Presuming that you are speaking about getting plano (non-prescriptive) lenses there is no difference in left or right lenses unless you have a different b.c. or diameter for one eye. If you have the same b.c./diameter and don't need a prescription, getting 2 lenses designated as "right lenses" or "left lenses" won't be a problem.

As to when to buy them, most lenses are packaged to last for about 2 years if unopened. Ask the seller for details. But otherwise, buy any time. I wouldn't wait until the last minute either.
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