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I'll throw in my review of the wig since I received it a week ago or so.

Mine actually looks almost exactly like yours, Enny, which makes me think that it's really hard to predict how it'll turn out. Mainly it looks messy because of the underlying fuzz fiber (it's supposed to be like that to give body, and the straight hair on top isn't tangled at all). However, it was quite easy to fix by zigzag parting like Gleep's - it looks fine when some of that is covered up. Otherwise, as everyone's said, the color is perfection and it's obviously nice quality. I think the seller just gets lazy sometimes and doesn't bother to part some of them.

This thread is super helpful for the rest of the costume, thanks for the references and tips everyone! I'm hoping to finish my version of Vanille by Anime Expo in a few weeks.
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