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@ kkoganei1328: I am not a licensed OD and this is as HanPan said, a first step FAQ for people who are interested in contact lenses but don't know where to start. I mentioned that people need to see an optometrist throughout the FAQ & replies.

I do hope it isn't coming off as a "READ THIS THREAD: ONCE COMPLETED YOU ARE NOW CERTIFIED TO WEAR CONTACT LENSES" kind of deal as that was not my intention at all. 8U

It was an attempt to stem the flow of new threads asking things like, "CAN I DRAW ON MY LENSES AND MAKE SHARINGAN LENSES?!" and the like. Futile though it may be. I just wanted to get all the cards on the table so people new to contact lenses could get a glimpse of what is involved with wearing & caring for them.
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