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Originally Posted by Spinni View Post
I apoligise in advance on how silly this may sound..

How long can you keep soft contacts for? Considering they have been used before but kept in good condition?

I have contacts I got from a local store which are what a friend called 'soft contacts' and wildly coloured. I've used them a few times before and have kept them in solution filled bottles (Which they came in) unfortunately they only came with basic health and safety and didn't tell me everything I needed to know (Like how to apply them)

(Sorry if this doesn't make sense ^^; )
it depends on the lens
soft lenses can be for daily, bi-weekly, monthly or annual use
if you post the brand name of the lens maybe some one with the same lenses can tell you how long it's good for
looking for pink contact for future cosplay let me know if you know a good site to buy
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