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Originally Posted by Michi View Post
Was there something you needed help with regarding organizing the thread? Admin rarely is able to really deal with specific threads on a regular basis, but maybe there's something I can help you with as a moderator.
Back in the drama that spurned the Merchant Review section, Admin's last post was
Originally Posted by Admin View Post
If it would help, I can make a static page that can be updated in a better format and grant access to the editing of it, that way it can be included at the beginning without needing to edit separate thread posts or make more room by deleting old ones. Just let me know.
which sounds pretty much exactly what we need.

It was his last response, though, so I figured he forgot to return to the thread since everything had calmed down and therefore never read my response of please, please, oh yes please, or it was just put onto his list of things to do...and promptly swamped, since it's not like he's not busy.
Wasn't so much of a problem until recently when the "C" section started giving me all this back-talk.

Also, updated with your addition, PhDPepper
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