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Originally Posted by ELFanatic View Post
That's why I think I will just rent the game because I heard it was short too. I hate buying short games because you still pay $60 despite the fact that it's short. Now, don't get me wrong, I like short. Anymore I never beat games because they tend to be too long and a new game that interests me will come out. I just don't have the schedule for long games anymore. So I have no problems with short games, just don't like the price. Thank god for renting.
Yeah, I said I've been playing Prince of Persia, and I actually rented that. I beat it like, the second day I had it rented and I still have plenty of time with it so I'm just trying to find all the light seeds now so I can get my full five days out of it. lol.

Also, collection achievements should be illegal because they're a pain in the ass.

Majin - I keep seeing you online playing Ghostbusters. I have to say, I'm jealous. I want that game.
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