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Originally Posted by Miu View Post
Okay, I have a problem.

I think that I may have been scammed here on the Forums, and I have no idea what I should do about it. I guess I knew going into a trade that there might be some complications, but I never would have betted on getting totally gypped out of my money because of it.

I sent them my half, and once it had reached their home, they had given me a message promising me a shipment code and fast delivery. So far, I haven't heard anything else from them, and it's been about two weeks. Should I be concerned? I have a convention coming up in a week that I would like to get the costume ready for, but I have no way of contacting her.


It sounds like it might still be legit, since they did contact you after they received the money (many scammers disappear once they've been paid...unless it was through paypal, in which case they'll try to hold your interest just long enough so that you cannot reclaim your funds after the waiting period.)

May I ask who it is you're having the issue with? The name might already be known to be an illegitimate seller.

Also, did you send cash or check? Occasionally a bank will allow you to reverse funds from a check, and if it was a money order which you have the receipt from it is POSSIBLE to get your funds back as well (although much more difficult, if I correctly recall.)
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