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Hi, I'm really not sure where to post this but I recently ran into two scams (One did not completely go through because I caught it before I sent anything.)

They deal with trades I attempted in the Marketplace. The first one I sent out two cosplays (Young Sakura w/ Wig and Young Ino w/ Wig) for two Cosplays (A Temari and a commissioned Yura of the Demon Hair) I should have noticed something was up when I aske dif she needed my measurements and said "No, I'm making it out of stretchy material so no need" but I had already sent out the cosplays and then when she said "Oh, I'm going to send out my entire Temari cosplay Wig, Fan, and Outift." That was almost a month ago and she has stopped contacting me and I've sent her at least 5 private messages her id is BakuganBrawler.

The second, I almost got scammed of one of my Shippuden Sakura cosplays. But when she sent me this mailing address;

Richard L
3611 Almond Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19134

Which was the exact same mailing address I used to send out the first two cosplays only different name, Chel K essentially the same format as Richard L. This person's id is Rukia_saver.

She as well will not return my messages.

So, I have no idea what this scam is, if the person as multiple accounts or these two girls are real people with hacked accounts but I am out about $140 worth of cosplays because of it. So I guess stay away from that address.
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