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Hey, I'm having problems with my cosplay of stein. The bolt is all wrong, I couldn't find a arrow through the head prop at any of my local costume stores save for one that was made out of very weak material similar to that of a Halloween mask. If anyone could find a sturdy prop online with rush shipping as I need this prop for otakon 09 it would be helpful. (17-19th of july).

Also I'm not sure if I should scrap the piece I have made thus far and start anew. I think the head of the bolt may be to big, and I bought a noise maker but I haven't embedded it into the bolt head yet. I don't know how to cut a perfect circle out of modeling Styrofoam so I bought pre existing circular pieces, and I made the cylinder similar to the material described in the walk through, but its paper foam if you will but looks very similar to the material.

Me with the bolt on. I originally wanted to use a copper wire to make the prop, but I don't know how to fashion it into the correct shape without it messing a lot with the wig. As you can see I'm using stretchy string and it messes with the wig to much, and the prop sags, I've done everything I could think to do with the wig. Also I'm going to get a lighter metallic spray paint this paint is to dark.

The prop I made

Me without the prop.

Also I am having trouble finding a large Grey turtleneck sweater to go with the cosplay. I'm debating whether I should buy one or not because I will prob get hot in it.

Also if you have any suggestions for materials online give me the links asap.

NOTE: this is my first cosplay ever and I'm not the artsy type, and I don't have a lot of resources. Keeping it simple is probably better in my case as I will prob screw up anything complicated
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