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Blah, I had wanted to post on the subject

Well, back on the subject about parents and anime, mine have always been incredibly supportive. Infact, my parents enjoy anime just as much, if not more than I do o_O (half of our collection was bought solely by them..) So when it came to anime cons, there was really no objection whatsoever and they brought me to my first con, Katsucon 00 (which was 6, if I remember correctly? ^^ mainly for the guest Amano Yoshitaka. Ever since then they've been increadibly supportive of cons, and my cosplaying hobby, and it amazes my mother that I taught myself sewing completely alone via books, since she can't even do any hand sewing. The only costume they at first had a problem with was Jenova, since well ^^; it is so skin tight, but then they decided it was fine since technically it's my most covering costume....ever. Also, they keep giving me more and more cosplay ideas just themselves ^^;....okay, I have strange parents. ::goes off to hide again::
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