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Commissioner: Amanda White
Commission: Botan wig from yu yu hakusho

Around March I commissioned a wig for Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho. I paid over $100 dollars to have the wig made. At the time of the commission, the wig maker was fully aware I needed the wig for a con in mid July (Otakon). Everything was going well and I kept in good contact with her all through the process. Then, 3 weeks before the con, she said it was finished and she would be sending me pictures for my final approval before shipping. All great right? Not. I never heard from her after that. I kept sending her numerous e-mails trying to get a status on the wig. Now, here I am, one week before the convention with no wig for my very expensive costume. Yesterday, my mom and I contacted paypal to figure out what we could do. They gave us the wig makers phone number and we called and left a message. No response as of yet and ... surprise surprise, when we tried to call again, her phone was turned off. Now we're on the phone with the bank and visa trying to get our money back. Meanwhile, my costume is ruined. I have exactly one week to find a blue wig that's the right color and try to style it myself. Since it's the weekend though, any website I buy from will most likely not get it to me in time. I'm going to try to go around town to various wig places, but I don't hold out much hope. Wish me luck.

Final Grade: F
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