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This is the Angela 750 in #613 by New Look. I ordered this from Cosworx when they were having their 10% off sale. The Angela 750 is a great wig to style for many characters and it's a great wig for the price. (It does have a full skin top!)

Straight out of bag after washing: [No flash] [Flash]

Just some notes:
The wig does have that "factory" smell when you first take it out of the bag. Washing it wig shampoo and conditioner will fix that and also take out some of the tangles. On that note, this wig is very tangly near the bottom when you first open it (for me at least). So washing it may be the better idea.

I needed this straight for the character I was planning on doing so I used a Revlon StyliX I had laying around. Also note, CHEAPER isn't always BAD. At first I tried my costly Salon style straightener on the end of the wig on the lowest setting and it burned the fibers (the plates are metal, that's one of the reasons I think it burned easily). The Revlon has red plastic/ceramic type of plates (I really don't know what they are though) and on the lowest setting it worked nicely (and if I remember right, I got it for like 25 bucks at Wal-mart).

The difference:

(Ignore the little yellow streak, I was testing something with a sharpie)

It hits just because the chest area when straightened. A very lovely wig overall.
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