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That was awkward.
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Name of Commissioner: Ai_no_kaku

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Johnny K. Gambino's G Bracelets, Buckle and Pin (from Gaia Online)

Links to picture(s): Received no pictures, progress or completed.

Timeline: March 24th-??? (Was supposed to receive items by late June at the very latest, it is now July 11th.)

Pros: Incredibly kind, informative and responsive in the early and even late stages of commissioning.

Cons: Unresponsive as from May 29th to July 28th, and I did not receive commissioned items on time for my convention. (which was a shame because a lot of people were expecting me to have my costume fully completed and pimped out.)

Comments: Ai had some serious health problems during the middle of this time period and as such there was a bit of a delay, which I completely understood. What I don't understand is that on May 29th she claimed to be cured, feeling better and almost done with my items and yet as of July 10th, at least 10 days from my very latest due date, I have not received my items and she has not responded to any of my messages. She logged on to her account about a week ago so she at least has had the ability to use the internet. I would be more understanding if she had just told me about whatever was preventing her from getting me my items. I actually commissioned Ai because the review on this forum praised her so highly and claimed she was a very fast and high quality person to commission.

I will adjust this review as soon as conditions change.

I just got an email from Ai today (the 28th of July):


I am so sorry that your props never arrived! I did mail them out a week before you said you needed them. I've spent the last month in the hospital with Pnuemonia and just got out earlier this week. I actually have a friend who updates and runs my site. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to those sort of things. What I can do is make a new set of props and ship them, all at my expense. I'll also throw in a free prop of your choice. I really really apologize! I will go buy the materials tonight.

<3 Ai"

Final Grade: B. I expect to change this grade to an A or A- once my items are finally received. Ai has never been anything but kind and understanding in her emails and as such I trust that she will do her best to get my items to me.

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