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Originally Posted by CallxMexEddy View Post
Hi hi. I'm from North Charleston. I'm a newbie and only half one..ok well..half a con under my belt which was the Nashicon for 2009. I want to do more cons but I have no way of getting anywhere cuz I don't drive ... yep.
Hi Nashicon attendee~! =D Who were you cosplaying as this year? I may have seen you. =3

Originally Posted by Bur Loire View Post
Who here is going to the August Greenville MomoCon photoshoot? =D
I wanna make sure people show up. HOWEVER, if people don't then that means I get to hog ALL THE PHOTAGS. XDDDDDDD AWESOME!
Not if I have anything to do with it. >=D You can expect to see my happy little self up there! I just don't know what I'm wearing yet. XD;
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