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Purple Army...
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Sneak Attack! Purple Army Strikes!

Brief background!

Otakon 2007 - Two armies...A Red and a Blue. The classic struggle. It came down to who was better, and red was snubbed out. Never to be seen or heard of again from that day forth.

Otakon 2008 - One army...Blue Army. Running unopposed for the entire weekend of the con. Getting followers to join up because of the lack of a better option. Until that is, I showed up.

Back in 2008, I was requested by the Blue Army to join up with them and thus learned of the tragic story behind the Red Army, and the tyranny of the Blue Army. So I vowed that in Otakon 2009, I would be back with my own army. An army devoted to choice, an army devoted to the people, and over all, an army devoted to the color Purple!((I lol'd))

Current Official Team



So this is my request to you, if you choose to accept or not, join up with the Purple Army! It's nothing more than a name on a flag. Cosplayers and Con'goers alike wearing purple will be approached and OFFERED spots. All others, just look for the dude with the big purple flag. Captain rankings will be explained to those who wish to be one.
~I LOVE PURPLE~ Everything about me, purple. If you love purple, I love you twice as much
We are brought together by ~PEACE~Our togetherness breeds ~LOVE~By feeling the same we sense~UNITY~By being in tune with each other we feel~RESPECT~

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