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Name of Commissioner: CuteKawaii

Character commissioned and series/video game: Harley Quinn from The Batman series

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The ordering only took like 2 days or so, her responses were so quick! The costume itsself only took a couple of weeks I could say, besides the gloves and cuffs(but we agreed to have that come in later).

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.:
Pros: The costume looks really cool! The material is awesome and its so comfy! The whole thing looks like it came straight out of the comic book. It was done so quickly, especially for the short amount of time she had to do it. She always kept me posted and uploaded pictures everytime she did something new on the costume. When it came time for her to send me the costume and we had a little problem with the post office, she would call me and let me know whats up until we solved the problem together.

Cons: The costume has little diamonds here and there which were glued on with this fabric glue sticker that slowly peels off every once in a while and I have to iron them back on. The inside of the costume is kind of sloppy but its nothing someone can see on the outside so its not much of a big deal. The cuffs are absolutely adorible but they are a little on the tight side and sloppy on the inside. Lastly, the crotch area is a little bit too big but I think its my fault because I measured myself and she did mention that my measurements seemed a little off.

Comments: Nikki is a great commissioner. I will definately return to her when I need a costume done because I know she will do it quickly and effectively. The price I paid was very reasonable and she allowed me to pay in partial payments. I love that she communicated with me the whole time and made the costume exactly how I wanted it (mind you, I'm picky).

Final Grade: A-
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