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Exclamation Someone to avoid selling to - Ebay member Amyjo195

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I want people to know about this person.

Since I have started selling cosplay props and jewelry on ebay, this buyer is one to definitely avoid selling to.
The buyer is amyjo195. It is confirmed by several other sellers, harbaugh10, tzaddicat, rwnaz, ghoosh, harrys_american_cousin to name a few, that they will bid to win and auction, then never pay. And if you try to file negative feedback against them, they will have ebay remove the comment left with the feedback notice and in turn, improve their rateing.

If there is any question, look at their profile and look at the feedback left. There will be alot of feedback removed. The link is below. Just a heads up to the cosplay community, and the ebay community. d=amyjo195&iid=-1&de=off&items=25&page=1
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