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Originally Posted by Roozu View Post
I am really dead set on doing a Terra cosplay later on in the year. Though after the tough process of deciding between blonde or green, I went with green. The color throws me off a bit, is there more of a green with blue mixed in color? I think Cosworx has a nice one, I'll have to go back and check through all the threads, but then what would be a good suggestions for a wig. I'd most likely just give the wig waves myself somehow. And since this will be my first ponytail type wig, I'm in need of suggestions.

I guess I'll go back and search this thread and read through them and see if I find anything.
humm... I was just looking around abit and I have a few suggestions.
Firstly here is a link to some images of terra with the green hair: Hopefully this helps to really see the colour.
As for wigs on Cosworx, I'm not that familiar with wigs so I can't really suggest a style. But as for colour I found a few that I think would work. the Wig Colours:Cosworx - seafoam green I think works really well. Also the Wig Colours:New look - party colours - D. Green I think is pretty close as well.

hope that helps.


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