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@Roozu: yay Terra! I myself am a fan of her sea/green hair, it just suits her half-Esper lineage lol. As of her color it depends; her sprite is green, but her sprite avatar is a seagreen ^_^;;. I used a seagreen color for my FMV Terra (see avatar), I didn't get the wig off of cosworx tho. As of the ponytail you most likely may need to sew in the ponytail separately as a stub, but unless your wig is thick enough where it can hide the mesh you might not even need to do that, but that itself is rare lol ^^;;.

Katie Bair has good tutorials on parting wigs for pony/pigtails, and for stubs as well. If you're gonna need to stub the wig you might need to add in extra wefts first. I wish you luck with your Terra ^_^!!
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