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Name of Commissioner: Kawaii Wigs / Amanda White
Character commissioned: Sailor Moon wig, Sailor Chibi Moon wig
Links to picture(s): Will post when available!

Timeline: I ordered the wigs in the beginning of February, paid immmediately and I asked for them to be shipped/arrive between early June and mid June. The actual con was July 17th, so I thought it was all good. I still haven't received my wigs or any photos.

Describe your Experience: I really liked her wigs and she seemed to be organized. When I first contacted her, she was very kind and responded quickly to any questions I had. Communication became slower as time went on, but I wasn't worried as I liked the quality of her wigs and she seemed to have completed many of them. At the time, she only had a grade of "D" and "A" in this thread. It took her 2 - 3 weeks to respond to any emails I sent, and when you're spending over $400, that can be extremely stressful.

I was courteous through the entire ordeal. Mid June passed and I asked her when they would be shipped, and she said she would send me pictures within the week and ship them out that Friday. I was skeptical and ordered back-up wigs on ebay. Of course, I never received pictures and the wigs were never shipped. A couple days before the convention, she said this: "I ship priority and should have them out ASAP. I apologize for not getting back to you before! Work has been absolutely crazy for me." That was ten days ago and I haven't received anything; not even an e-mail. I ended up using the back up wigs and styled them a bit for the con.

Pros: Quick response in the beginning, polite.
Cons: Awful communication, missed deadline completely, failed to give periodic updates, never followed through with promises.

Final Grade: D

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