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Name of Commissioner: gneila

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2, Everything

Links to picture(s): Will be posted soon

Timeline: May 24th- July 10th

Pros: Excellent Communicator, Very Kind and welcoming, has years of professional experience and it shows. Mistakes are fixed almost immediately

Cons: None whatsoever

Comments: Gneila is somewhat new to the cosplay commissioning scene. She's been working for years as a seamstress for various companies and as such she has a wide range of expertise. Originally she did the costumes for Katsucon's maid cafe. Her prices are excellent given her skill and she is very resourceful. She isn't too familiar with a lot of anime and games but provided the reference she can make just about anything. I wasn't entirely confident when I first met her but I can say, with confidence, that I will keep commissioning costumes from her for years to come.

Final Grade: A+ (or S)
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