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I disagree with Pretty Woman and have to agree with OurLadyC.

Women come in lots of shapes, the main three being "apple" shaped (weight tends to go to the torso), "pear" shaped (weight on the hips/butt/thighs), and then this third sort of "column" shape where the weight distributes itself really evenly between the bust, waist, and butt (this last one isn't as commmon).

It doesn't really matter how much or how little a person eats, genetics will put weight gained into a pre-determined location for every girl. Sure you can tone everything down with exercise, but no matter what you do to your size, your basic shape will remain consistent. So learn to love it! ;D ((Hip wiggle.))

This thread seems to be targeting more of the pear shaped cosplayers, like me with the flat-flat chest and bubble-butt. I'm not really concerned about my weight for cosplay, so I'm taking tips for creating the "illusion" of a man's figure, whether it's what to wear or how to stand!

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