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Okay....I hate that I haven't answered this question more often. I cosplayed Kamina for three years and spent way too much money trying to recreate those glasses. I did it, and they turned out well (despite being a little less than perfect but whatevs), but it was rough. I guess it's time to pass down what I learned to whoever wants it.

Pictures of said glasses:

The blueprints I cooked up and ended up using (sort of) are here: e8ebb871
...sorry, it's a big ol' 9MB .pdf file filled with manly shades goodness X3

Feel free to use as little or as much of those blueprints as you'd like. They worked for me, but my head isn't your head, so the measurements may not exactly fit to the same scale.

I would say you're free to use whatever materials you'd like, although personally if I were going to make these again I'd make them right and go for plexiglass, despite having troubles with it the first time. If you really really really want to recreate these, I don't mind telling you how to do it either. I happened to have the tools handy, and I understand that not everybody has this kind of hardware at their disposal. If you don't, look for somebody that does, or see if there's a place nearby where you could rent a Dremel or something.

Tools & Materials:
* I ordered a 12"x12" sheet of red-tinted acrylic plexiglass for the actual material. I suppose you can use whatever you like, and there are other colors (orange??) so do whatever you'd like to do. Purchased from this website.
* Black elastic cord to secure it on yo face :P
* Loctite Plastic Adhesive, can be found in Wal-Mart or just about any other big chain store easily for under $10.
* Dremel multitool with sanding and cutting edges
* super cheap screw clamp
* hair dryer
* patience and endurance

1) The 12"x12" sheet will give you more than enough room to make two pairs of these 8" glasses if you cut diagonally down the center of the sheet, so if you screw up you have a second chance and won't have to buy another one. Cut the sheet in half diagonally, creating two triangles. (I tried to use multiple pairs of shears and tin snips and other assorted clippers and it was pretty nasty, so be patient and use your dremel.)

2) Sketch the blueprint into the plexiglass with pencil. I was an idiot and pulled all of the protective film off, you may have better luck if you leave it on.

3) Cut along edges veeeery slowly with your Dremel -- you might try one of the cutting blades but I ended up using a sanding bit and very slowly chipping my way through it. I think I also used a wood bore drillbit to slice away the left really jagged -- but really clean! -- edges. O_o;; Using any kind of clippers or tin snips will make your plexiglass splinter and crack so don't do that. Be VERY careful up around the tips, if you take them too fast you could cause them to snap off. **Protip: if you are really patient or really quick on the draw you might consider aiming the blowdryer at the entire piece of plexiglass to soften it up before cutting.**

4) Find something that is heat-resistant and is about the width of a quarter. (I used a 3/4" dowel rod, hah.) Carefully bend your completed glasses over the object at the nosepiece -- as in they will be resting solely on the nosepiece and nothing else. At room temperature plexiglass has enough give in it to bend it a little bit without cracking or splintering, so while you can indeed bend it, don't overdo it.

5) Turn your hair dryer to high and aim it at the nosepiece for about five to ten minutes to soften your plexiglass up.

6) Weigh each side down so that your glasses bend across the object at the nosepiece -- we're shaping them to your face now, and they need to bend at the nosepiece to stay in the right place and fit flush with your face.

7) Let it cool overnight. Work on the rest of your costume in the meantime or something, I dunno!

8) Take the glasses and press them to your face. Now take a length of black elastic cord and go from one side of the glasses, around your head, then to the other side. Without stretching the cord, figure out how much you need to go around your head, and then eyeball about an inch less than that.

9) Cut the desired length and get out your plastic adhesive. Use the brown pen applicator on the inside of your glasses somewhere along the edges, I'd say around the general vicinity of your temples. Squirt a little of the liquid epoxy on the elastic ends, and *very carefully* press the two ends together. Hold for about 1 minute.

10) Wear those bad boys and amaze everyone at how professionally manly you look.

I know the elastic band sounds like a bad idea, but after seeing the absurd lengths other cosplayer friends have gone to make stuff that shouldn't stick anywhere stick to their face, I like to keep this kind of stuff as simple as possible. The black elastic will blend into shadows underneath your hair in 99% of your pictures, especially from a photoshoot distance. Plus if you use any spirit gum or some other kind of skin adhesive, you'll have a big weird splat of adhesive stuff on the center of your glasses, and it'll be completely visible from the other side.

Feel free to point any other questions my way about these bad boys
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