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I'm planning to crosplay Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. I think the snug shirt won't but much of a problem since I'm a small bust size anyway. The problem however lies in the bottom half. I have a "j-Lo" ass and even though Zack's pants are a bit baggy, I'm not sure it will be covered since he has a belt/harness that pulls his waist in more. My posture is pretty manish to begin with (always prefered hanging out with boys and play wrestle rather than sit with girls and play dolls). I also have slender shoulders and i'm short (5'2" at the most). Would I be alright or does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks
Okay, I gave Zack a try and even though the actual outfit fell apart (the harness but I only had a couple days to work on it!) I think I did a bang up job of looking like a guy. Well, as good as I can being the big butt thing but then again, friends of mine have a debate Zack has a bit of a "ghetto booty" anyway XD but enough rambling, here's my attempt, tell me if I pass or fail? Here's the gallery:

Thanks to anyone in advanced!
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