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Originally Posted by jewytart View Post
Hey! I have mild rosacea and I'm wondering if anyone has makeup tips for extra coverage or tips to deal with the redness?

If I'm in controlled temperatures my face looks fine but at the con crammed in with thousands of people it will be hot and my costume requires a long jacket. Even once I cool down it takes a good 30-45 minutes at least for my skin to return to its normal color.

I haven't found any concealer to get rid of it completely and I was wondering if you all knew any tricks? Thanks!

You'll need color correction concealer. Green concealer will cancel out the red on your skin. You'll apply this before your foundation and then seal it with powder to help your make-up last all day. Yellow concealer will work for any darkness under your eyes.

As for where to get green or yellow concealer-Physician's Formula is available in most drugstores or Walmart and it is fairly inexpensive.
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