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cosplayers forever ^w^ !
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Originally Posted by Mystic665 View Post
Curious, has any one ever seen red overalls any where in stores or online? Blue are in abunance, but theres an adorable piece of art work of "winter" Clair where she wears a pair of red overalls and a sweater. I thought it'd be fun to throw together for YuleCon.
well one time I saw some ethier at Sear or JCpenny.

Originally Posted by MeIsRayne View Post
You know what would be cool, to get a group of 12 people to cosplay the harvest spirte teams because there a 12 per team (Not counting Planet and Grey teams or the baby sprite)

That would be cool MeIsRayne ^^

and MeIsRayne and Merodi I have Wizard pant for my cosplay

I will give you the link in a sec
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