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Originally Posted by NinjaSquirrel View Post
@Knuzxie: All I can say is that for the Witch's claws, some cosplayer used latex gloves actually to make it blend to the skin in a way. All I've seen so far people have made their claws out of cardboard, and spray-painted. I would recommend asking PikminLink who I have seen so far, with amazing work. Ask her.

Though I am going to be making claws in the future myself, and this is what I've came up. Getting the right color gloves and then using foam, crafts foam, and make somewhat a triangle cone, and having a copper wire in it, to reinforce it, so it won't be flimsy. Basically hot gluing each of the foams onto the fingers of the gloves, with the copper wiring in it, and voila. Thats what I've thought of so far.
I did email her about two weeks ago. No response so far. ._.

I was thinking of using the rubber witch fingers they sell at the Halloween stores and just painting them over, like the girl for the Left5Dead shoot did.

That's not a bad idea though, about the gloves.
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