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Hey hey Anti-Ai Chan XD -HUGGLES-..hey everyone..look for me at AV! Check out my Siggy for cosplays! cant wait to see how many of you show up at the ball as well! Any persona cosplayers? I've seen a few on this forum..I'm looking out for you guys =D
I'm evil but I'm cute so it's okay..

Planned Cosplays:
Anime Vegas '09:
Day 1: Ciel Phantomhive- Kuroshitsuji
Day 2: Minato Arisato- Persona 3
Day 3: Kanu Unchou- Ikki Tousen

AX '10:
Jin Kisaragi- Blazblue
Cloister Gijinka- Pokemon
Nayru- Windwaker Zelda((Goddess Statue Ver.))
Ciel Phantomhive-Kuroshitsuji ((Drocell Ep.))
MAYBE?? Finland- Axis Powers Hetalia
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