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Gathering Info Here:

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Since there has been some interest in a Sailor Moon gathering on the Anime Vegas forums (btw - I'm Scarlet Rhapsody on there), I decided to start one up.

This is my first time at Anime Vegas. If any of you would like to suggest a location for the gathering, it would be very much appreciated.

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Day: Saturday, September 5
Time: 11:30AM
Location: Stairs in the Main Lobby

EDIT: Most likely, this will happen before The Gamer Girls' Panel.

Scarlet Rhapsody: Mistress Nine
Ibi-san: Sailor Pluto
Setsuna Mitzukai: Sailor Venus
Hikari Sora: Helios
illiara: Sailor Moon

Ibi-san & Setsuna: Let us know whe the Gamer Girls plan to do Sailor Moon at AV. That would be the best day to do an epic Sailor Moon group.

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