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Name of Commissioner: afreedog2005
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuuden) I bought everything except for the wig and the gloves. (wig I got somewhere else, gloves, I altered myself)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Hmm, I dont remember the exact timeline XD that was almost a year ago! Hmm, I would say anywhere between 2-3 weeks, but not a whole 3 weeks. Maybe like 2 weeks and a couple of days.

Describe your Experience.
Pros: Great comunication! When I was looking at the picture that he/she (idk) had up for the outfit, there was a couple of things I didn't like. 1) It was black and white, not the colored one, but I thought,"oh well, lots of people do the black and white version. 2) the shirt looked like it closed at a certain part, it wasn't opened all the way like it should be. 3) Those ugly, white ninja socky thingies. but they dont' look that bad huh?
Anyway, I asked he/she if they could make the shirt all the way opened so I sent them a reference of someone elses' Sasuke cosplay, and also if they could make those socks black. They emailed me back right away, saying that 1) they think the ninja socks should stay white and 2) they asked me permission if they could make it look exactly like the reference I showed them (I thought they were going to make the shirt exactly like that, which I thought, awesome! But I was wrong.)
When I finally got the outfit, I was super suprised! They made it the right colors too! Not black and white version, they made it in the colors! I was soooo happy! =3 And, to me, it seemed like good quality fabric.

Cons: Those white socky thingies. They are waaaay to huge for me, I tried pining them to my pants during the photoshoot but it didn't work out very well. The pants seem a little long and big, but no biggie. Well the first time I wore it, it was perfect fit, but when I wore it again for my photoshoot with my sister, it seemed a little big, but thats my own fault, cause I lost weight, not their fault cause they made it according to the measurements I gave them a year ago. ( I think it was college's fault) =P

Comments: I will defenatly request some more cosplays from them in the future Great communication, worked a little harder, just for me, to make the shirt right and make it colored.

EDIT: Actually, I take that back, those white things aren't really ugly, I just didn't like that they were too big. =P

Final Grade:A+

Halibel (Bleach)=100%
Catherine (Catherine) = 100%
Lightning Farron (FF13) =68%

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