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Yeah, I would just do what you want to make yourself happy.

But an important thing to keep in mind is that we are all human. Part of being human is being emotional, sensitive and unpredictable. Like anything else, tact is very important when talking of taboo things or things that aren't mainstream. Of course you must tailor that to each individual. We all know how to do this because you do it with your friends and parents everyday.

Find the right way to say it. I'm new here so I haven't checked by maybe there's a sticky on "how to bring up crossplay to your friends and families" in the crossplay section.

Good luck!

Also, you'd probably want to find a girl who likes you for you as a boy IMO. Unless you're taking the change to the next level its probably just going to be a part of your cosplaying and it'd be better to have her like you for you
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