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Originally Posted by TarOBoI View Post

*ahem* Sorry, had to be done...Also, I wouldn't give up being...I'm not gonna use the term, just found out about it a couple days ago and I already hate it...

ANYWAY I digress. You shouldn't stop just because someone told you you won't get a girl from it. If anything, it almost makes it sound like that's the sole reason you did it, which is kind of disheartening. I myself am not a lolita, but I am aristocrat to the fullest. Speaking of, I should probably get around to uploading the few horrible quality cellphone pictures of my kodona sometime soon...*back on track*Still! Don't give up what you love, and hey, if the lolita thing just isn't your style, definitely try aristocrat. In my opinion, I like it more than any other J-Fashion I've seen for men.
No, I did not start it to pick up girls, to tell the truth I started it because of my friends saying how fun it was and getting multiple outfits custom made for free. I may go ahead with it, but mix in some cosplays and some steampunk I am planning as well. As for aristocrat I am not sure what to do with that, or what to wear to do it.
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