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@ImNewHere-My current boyfriend fell for me while I was dressed as Walter from Hellsing.He didn't care I was masquerading(successfully with some people)as a little boy,he liked ME.My personality.That's what you need to find.Don't give up what you love just to get someone to like you,you'll just end up miserable having to act in a way you are not.
You'll find someone,you just need to talk to the right people-Like what seems to be a decent amount of people in this thread.Find a nice lolita and you can even trade accessories.(thinks that would be ADORABLE)

On the topic-I too really detest the term 'brolita'.It sounds derogatory,like it was made up by someone who was trying to make fun of them.Lolita-kun,maybe?
Or Inu-chan?I know in the Bibles the girls are called Neko-chan so with the old bit of girls are like cats,and boys like dogs...Yes?No?

And truly on topic,the main gripe/stipulation seems to be on if they are 'doing it right'.
I agree with this,but also think we should be lenient in judging that.
Some have mentioned the male tendency to be fashion-impaired,that may be the issue in some cases.They overdo it going off of pictures perhaps.

But,I imagine some are very much in the position of a few friends of mine who are drag queens.They couldn't openly saunter into the house with bags full of beautiful wigs and girlish clothes.They couldn't leave the house so attired either.
It was a situation where there was a lot of sneaking which heavily impacted the outcome.
Don't be too harsh,for all you know they had to sneak their frocks out with the garbage.
It's also likely that some would be questioned as to where their money is going if they splurged for a perfect petticoat or professional sort of wig.

In any case,I like it.If it's done right,no massive tracts of body hair,etc.
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