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jinglebooboo: You'll have to excuse me because I'm utterly stupid. ^^;; Your lips are kind of thick, so put foundation on your lips to make them look thinner. That's a really nice Yoko, by the way. ^^ Your nose is large so you have a head-start there, and your eyebrows are close to your eyes, so that's another male trait.

Noose: I'm not a veteran, but I'll offer my advice until LadyC gives her opinion. ^^ Your lips are also thick, so make them thinner and more guy-ish with foundation. Highlight your nose, chin, and forehead. shadow your cheekbones to make your feminine plump cheeks more narrow. To give yourself a stronger jaw, shadow the upper part of the jaw make it thinner going towards the chin, and then thicker just before the chin. Shadow the space between your nose and your mouth, and the space between your eyebrow and eye. Shadow under the eye to deepen the bags under your eyes, but don't go overboard or else you'll end up looking either dead-tired or dead:

I hope it helps for now. ^^
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