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@Flyingdog: Ahh yess, I figured as much with the shadows. Though some dudes have thick lips, I guess it really does depend on the character you're trying to portray. But the dude I'm gonna attempt at does have thin lips. I guess, perhaps if I used some eyeshadow or liner along the inner lines of my lips, at the corners and along the inside of my bottom lip, it would draw more attention to the line of my mouth and less to my lips. I can test that. Makeup is definitely the easy part.

Now, this is strictly theoretical from my experience, but I recall seeing the process on a Dr. Phil episode many many moons ago. There was a woman who was testing how differently she'd be treated if she was portraying a man, yada yada yada... to get the stubble, she went the extra mile beyond stippled paint.
This could be a very useful tool for crossplayers, but I am recalling the steps purely from memory.
  • She bought a soft makeup brush with black bristles. Depending on your character, you can find blond and brown brushes. Red would have to be dyed. (we can mostly assume that rainbow-hair coloured men are Bishies and therefore don't have facial hair)
  • She found a skin-safe clear, malleable glue. Try kryolan or some sort of costume glue.
  • With a metal baking pan over her sink, in her bathroom, she took sharp scissors and slowly cut the tips of the fibres of the brush into tiny tiny little hairs, which were in the pan. With some sort of brush dipped in the glue, she ran it through the pan, gathering stubble, and then brushed it onto her face. Spread the hairs so they're not clumped.
  • Repeat the process until your jaw and sideburns are covered. For some characters, even the neck would have stubble.
  • Voila! You've just made yourself look much more manly with your five o'clock shadow. Grats.
Now, this doesn't work with MOST Anime characters, since they're very babyfaced. But for game characters like Snake, Auron, Cid Highwind, ect, its a fantastic way to finish the look. Find your application! =D

Disclaimer: this is not my personal process; I saw it on Dr. Phil preformed by a very ingenious woman. Credit her if you must credit anyone (though I can't remember her name.)

Edit: this would be a good thing to post on the makeup board, wouldn't it?

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