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Takashi Kanade
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uhm, i thought i just posted, but when i refreshed the page it didn't show up. TT_TT

anyways, i really want to crossplay~ ... well, as no one in paticular i suppose, but hmmm... i definately want to be cute/feminine, to cosplay, and on a daily basis. XD I also would just love to wear lolita clothes~ frilly lacey cuteness~

anyways, sorreh, teh only pic i has right now is one from mah cell phone. lol...

but other then that, i know mah body ish good~ 30" chest, 24" waist, 31" hips... okay i could use more there. heheh~, 5' 6"...

so yea, i wanna know if i can crossplay and what i can do to make eit work.

oh and if chu think i should crossplay/cosplay as someone do tell. i needz ideas~ =^_^=
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