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Originally Posted by 27XxJuDaImExX27 View Post
You know I'm coming to the panel~! (and I'm forcing - uh, I mean BRINGING a few friends with me probably)
I'll either be Lust from Full Metal Alchemist or Shouichi from KHR! :3
Wish I could cosplay as someone from Hetalia, but not enough funds or time >_<
I can't wait! <3
Awesome! It'll be great to have you guys there. But please try not to confuse people with non-Hetalia cosplays. You can wear whatever cosplay you want at the panel, but don't post it in here because this thread is to keep track of Hetalia cosplayer first and foremost.

Speaking of keeping track of stuff -- even if you are an audience member and not cosplaying from Hetalia I need to account for each and every one of you guys in which case I need you to post how many people are in your group so I can get an approximated headcount.

This is because the convention staff people need to know what size room to give us for the panel itself. This is VERY important! So please help me out guys.


- Cy
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