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Originally Posted by sousukesagara87 View Post
hopeflly this is on the topic of passability.... should i shave legs or use nair or some other hair removal??
I'd be more inclined to have made this a topic on its own, for more widespread assistance, but I can help here. Smooth legs are, well, essential for crossplaying a girl (if you're trying to be serious, at least ;D). For Nair, there's lots of issues with interesting reactions, so just do a test patch on the back of your leg behind your knee to make sure you don't break into hives. Nair also itches like hell (personal experience), but you get very smooth. Shaving, for the inexperienced/very hairy person often leaves little cuts and nicks, which hurts, and generally looks bad. If you're very very very tough, I'd suggest wax (but never on the day of Cosplaying). It lasts longer than nair (personal experience), and doesn't leave rashes for some people. But you'll be raw for a while. Do it with some time before crossplaying. You might want a close friend for consolation too. XD I'm assuming you're as hairy as my brothers, though.

@Flyingdog: well, I'm going to make a little topic about the stubble, to see if it might help anyone. But in the end, it all comes down to what works for the individual and what you feel comfortable doing. =D Personally, I think your beard looks great.
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