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Death Note 2009

Hello! Tis I, Tokio Amarfi. Since I didn't see a Death Note gathering up here, I decided to make one. If anything it will be just a few pictures....(small con ) ^.^V

This will be my first time at Mikomicon, so excuse me if I dont know the location. I will post more information once I talk to my "razor blade" about a time and place.

If there is one, look for a bitchy Mello and a Matt. Trust me, you won't be able to miss me.

Day 1 at 4 pm. On the stairs. Look for Mello and Matt (with bright red hair)

Mihael Keehl "Mello": Tokio Amarfi
Mail Jeevas "Matt": Angel-OFiRE
Mamaleia - Watari/Quillish Wammy
Pup - Matt/Mail Jeevas
Juice - Mello/Miheal Keehl
Angel - Near/Nate River
Ookami - L Lawliet
Renji - BB/Beyond Birthday
(Possibly) Nina - Linda/Halle Lidner/Halle Bullook

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But I wonít give up. Iíll continue to use my best efforts to help you, Hinata-kun. Because I like you. Even though you know that I am hopelessly incompetent, youíre still willing to talk to me. Thatís what I love about you.

Upcoming Cons
1. Fanime
2. AX
3. PMX

Upcoming Cosplay
1. Hayato Gokudera with G's Archery (KHR)
2. Haku (Naruto)
3. Sei (DMMd)
4. Ayano Tateyama (KagePro)

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