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Cosplayer needs a place to roost during con

Hi. I'm really looking foward to my second year at Mikomicon, but problem is I don't have anywhere I can stay during the con >< I live in the Monrovia/Arcadia area and I'm willing to stay anywhere as long as that person is for sure going at least two days to the con. I am 17 years old, very responsible, and I assure you I'm not a stalker xD I will bring my own sleeping bag and food so I won't raid your fridge, and maybe a tiny bit of space to hold my costumes. I'm been asking people I know too but I don't know everyones AIM or name so if you happen to know me thats a plus too xDD Oh and I can't be in house with cats. Me allergic to the neko kind lol

Thanks for your time and PM me after you post if you know for sure you have room
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