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Your worst wig experience

Haii! So, I'm sure most of you have loads of wigs, but surely in the bundles of wigs you have, there was one that really ruined the rest.

so, what was your worst wig experience?

Was it the quailty when you bought it?

Was is the styling hastle?

Did it fall apart?

My worst experience was my first wig I ever got. It was for link (from legend of zelda) and I was in trouble, it was 2 weeks before the convention in london, and I seriously needed something. (Why did I leave it so long??)
Anyway I only had 10 in my bank ($14) and I was up until 3am one night searching for wig websites. Until I came across one...

BEWARE Do NOT buy wigs from cheapfancy dress websites, even if your only going to wear the wig once. Of coarse I was a fool and got the cheapest most horrible wig on the site. The fibre of the wig was like wire, and fitted a child. The hair started to fall out and It was so embarressing.

So what was your worst wig experience?
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