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Name of Commissioner: xhelios.moonx or Orphan's Wigs in the marketplace

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Reno wig from Final Fantasy VII

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Never received, progress pictures were low quality.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Commissioned on 8/31, wig finished but called off 9/5.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

She's fast at replying to emails and works fast. That's it. For cons, see my comments.

Comments: My Reno wig got destroyed in a move, so I looked for a commissioner to make a new one- and I found an excellent example in her gallery. I asked for a quote, she responded with a decent price, and I accepted.

Today, I get an email from her, and she mentions that the wig might be different because her friend wasn't there. Alarm bells, red flags, etc. It turns out that the original one that I'd seen in her gallery was not made by her, no- by her friend who moved away and no longer does wigs. So I commissioned a wig that was to be made by someone completely different than the person who made the example, something she neglected to mention before I paid. (The wig that's presently in her gallery is the one she made for me- you can see the quality of the photos she sent me, mentioned in next paragraph, although I fully expect her to change the pictures again if she sees this review.)

Also, the pictures she took of the finished wig were not only close ups of her face ala-MySpace, but they were distorted by multiple photo effects. When I asked her for pictures in natural light, she was none too happy, and she provided blurry pictures of a wig that was NOTHING like the one that was in her gallery when I commissioned her. When I responded and told her that I was NOT happy at all with the wig, the pictures, or her professionalism, she threatened to not send the wig at all.

And all things considered, I told her to keep it. I don't want that wig, and I don't want to ever deal with her again. I told her straight up I would ask for a refund if I thought she would actually consider it, but her behavior up until that point made me realize that the money is long gone. An expensive lesson in commissioner choice.

She claims that everything else in her gallery was made by her alone, but who are we to know? Really.

I have screenshots of every email she sent me, just to show how increasingly nasty she got with me, but I'm not going to post them unless I have to. :/ And now I likely won't have time to find another commissioner to take me on for my November convention.

Final Grade: F. Can't trust her, so I'd avoid commissioning from her.
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