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My worst wig was my first Sasuke wig, for Kumoricon '08.

My Step-mom is extremely, extremely cheap, and dislikes buying things on the internet, even if I used my money, because of the added shipping price. She didn't care if we spent fifty dollars on a wig, she just, for some stupid unknown reason, didn't want any of it to go into shipping.

So after going to a gross Halloween store, she took me to a wig store downtown, and we looked through wigs. We ended up buying a shoulder-length black one. After weeks of no cutting or styling, she took my refs and cut it herself--on my younger brother's head.

And when I tried it on, it was a good length, but now the just didn't look so nice anymore, and it would NOT hold any spikes no matter I used, so come Kumoricon, I had a mound of gross-looking hairsprayed mess on my head.

When I got my new wig (From Ebay), I promptly threw the old one in the trash.

And my Step-mom kept telling me, "They look EXACTLY the same!! You're such an ungrateful brat sometimes." .___.
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