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Originally Posted by LKD View Post
My Jasmine wig x.x I spent all day styling it and keeping it from tangling and I leave it on my wig head in my room. I go out with my friends and when I come back the cleaning lady had taken it off the head and stuffed it in a 5x12 box and put a wig i had chopped hair off on the wig head -.- My wig has been a mess since.
I actually wore it the day after and yea it was horrible. My rollers showed, my hair keep peeking out, the wind murdered it some more...I gave up long wigs after this >.<
yeah. that wig is a nightmare. srsly. XC
try some wig conditioner. or you can have super patience and gently/slowly comb it out with water going from the bottom up in 5" sections. c:
It's how I untangle Reno's ponytail. XDDD
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