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Originally Posted by Tenshi View Post
I'm going to guess you were let back in because later in the night, when the crowd thinned down a bit, we let everyone in regardless of what they were wearing. Seriously you guys, the rules for attire were not that difficult or complicated. The amount of people throwing fits over the dress code was silly. We will not be so lenient next year, so please read the rules carefully for AV 2010.
I was let in originally because it looked very formal. And they said rules were on the site...the same one that didn;t ever work for me. I went by book rules and I do plan on bringing a change of clothes in the car next year. If cashman woulda not charged to park then I woulda gone when I first learned of it and came back. And wtf was up with only charging in the morning that's bs.

I actually knew a number of the gunshow patrons from doing the cowboy single action shooting. They actually thought it was kinda cool. One guy messed with me until one of my good friends stepped in. It was funny to watch my seven or so foot tall chainsmoking friend almost beat this one guy's ass for trying to jack my Tobi mask

I ahd lots of fun at the dance. I don;t see why we don't use the Lasvegas convention center though, it;s strip adjacent, bigger, and totally airconditioned. I mean it may be a bit more expensive but it is a nicer place and it's not scary on that side of town after dark.

I still don't get the charging to park in the am then providing no night security. It's dangerous around there at night and I'm surprised I didn't hear any tales of cars bingbroken into or people harassed by unsavory characters

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