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Name of Merchant: Sakura Wigs
Website: Here
Item purchased: 1 custom wig of Osaka Naru from Sailor Moon
Links to picture(s) of your received item: Here
Timeline: Ordered around the end of January 2007 or beginning of Febuary 2007 and received in May 2007
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I'm not sure on exact dates as so much time has past, but I know my general time frames are correct. I contacted Sakura Wigs some time around the beginning of 2007 about making me a custom wig of Osaka Naru from Sailor Moon and sent them several reference images as well as letting them know I'd be happy to provide more if needed as well as pay extra since it was somewhat of a rush order. As the colour wasn't constant between the images, I specified which colour I'd like to go with. I was told that they could get my wig out in a matter of weeks, well before mid-May when I needed it for Anime Central. I agreed to their time line and price and sent them the money. I fully admit it is my fault for not contacting them sooner (this was the first custom order I had ever made and I simply didn't know enough to keep in contact with sellers), but when I hadn't heard anything else from them by late March/early April I finally did contact them to be told that they were almost done with the wig. Another two weeks went by and I contacted them again. I was then told that they had just shipped my wig and given a tracking number. They are located in Canada, and shipping from Canada to America can take 2 weeks, something I would expect a merchant to know. I finally received my wig 2 days before I was due to leave for the con, and on the same day I received a back up wig from CosWorx that I had ordered a week before. The wig is lovely quality, although the wrong colour (it doesn't match ANY of the reference pictures I sent), and while I plan on using it for future lolita outfits, I will have to have a new wig made when I redo this costume.
Final Grade: C- (This grade isn't lower simply because of the quality of the wig itself.)
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